Introz FAQ

All the answers to common questions from visitors just like you!

Searching our members and finding a professional to work with is as simple as conducting a search from home page. You may also click on one of the sub categories listed on the page to go directly to a list of profiles. You’ll need to enter a zip code to complete the search.

Once you have browsed through profiles, connect with the person by submitting your information. When you connect, we will send both you and your chosen professional both a text message and an email with each other’s information.

Introz will never sell your information. Should you opt-in to receive communications from Introz, you can always come back and unsubscribe. If you do not opt-in to receive communications, you will receive only the transactional text and email. We may follow-up to see how your experience was with an email for you to complete a survey.

Our Service

Introz is a free service for anyone to use in order to find a professional in their area.

Introz Professionals (members) can be found by searching the directory by location, category (Life Insurance), and product (Term).

From the search results, you are able to view and filter agents/professionals in your who meet your search criteria.

You can click and view their landing page and learn more about them, and if you choose, can initiate a connection.

To connect, you can choose one of the features the agent has enabled (contact form submission, phone number, chat, email, phone, calendar booking)

We maintain your privacy – and provide the agent with only the information you provide us.

In addition to sending our member your information, we also will provide you with an email and/or a text message with the member’s information (thus the “intro.”)

You may return to the agent’s page by once again searching in our directory, or replying to an email follow-up to review the agents.